Into the Woods - The Journey begins

On Friday 21st September, I began work on a new Trees recording project at The Playroom Studio near Arundel with engineer and producer Mike Saunders. 

The process is as different from Heart of Oak as it could be, with each track being created from the scaffolding formed by my arrangements on Sibelius and built up over time. 

There are two reasons for this approach. The first is financial. Recording Heart of Oak was an expensive undertaking, with more than 40 musicians playing together and the music being recorded to both audio and video simultaneously. Secondly, building the tracks in the studio gives us much more control over the sound, and also over the music itself. 

On Friday 10th October, Greg Maddocks and I took part in a further preparatory session at Playroom, and on Tuesday 16th, we were joined by pianist and composer Tom Phelan to add keyboards to Dakar and No Wind. The results were magical, with Tom adding so much to each track. Our flutenist friend Mike Guest was also there to capture Tom’s work on film, and we hope to share a few snippets of this and future work as we go along. 

I spent a few hours in the studio on Thursday 25th October, preparing Muito Obrigado and S/Pulse/S for Tom’s next session on Tuesday 30th October. More news soon.