Woods and Woodwind

We were back in the studio for the woodwind sessions on 8th and 15th February.

The players were Andy Pickett (tenor sax and bass clarinet), Anne Whiteside (flute), Beccy Perez-Rork (soprano sax and clarinet), Charlotte Glasson (tenor sax, flute and bass clarinet), Greg Maddocks (flute and alto flute), Jo Luckman (alto sax and flute), Julian Nicholas (tenor sax, baritone sax and alto clarinet), Kate Hogg (alto sax, flute and clarinet), Linda Atkinson (alto sax, clarinet and bass clarinet), Phil Paton (baritone sax, clarinet and bass clarinet) and Philippe Guyard (soprano and tenor saxes).

The results are marvellous, with beautiful ensemble playing and wonderful improvisations. Mike and I spent a few hours yesterday (Wednesday 27th February) editing the tracks and preparing for the next recording session, which will feature Milo Fell on percussion.