Voices in the Woods

Another lovely day in the recording studio with friends. Mike Saunders and I started the day reviewing and editing the percussion session we recorded last week with Milo Fell. We were joined by fellow Trees, Greg Maddocks and Mike Guest; the former to listen and help with the editing, and the latter to film the afternoon sessions.

At about 1pm, we were joined by vocalists Annie Lightly, Debby Tyndall, Lucy Pickering and Rachel Myer, who recorded all five numbers in about 3 hours.

The last part of the day was dedicated to Kate Hogg, who added wonderful improvisations on flute and bansuri to Greg’s tune, ‘No Wind’, and on alto saxophone to my piece, ‘Palimpsest’. Another really productive day.

Our next session will be to record orchestral percussion, and I have asked virtual Trees, Enrico Pinna, Tony Freer and Mark Edwards to add, respectively, guitars, oboe and cor Anglais and keyboards, accordion and hamster choir.