Supreme Love in the Playroom

My last trip to The Playroom was on 24th June to add basses to The Cedars and Sea and Sky, the final tracks intended for inclusion on the new album. These now have real piano, drums and basses, and it was a lot of fun recording my parts along with the inspirational playing of Tom Phelan and Dave Cottrell, who have added so much to the sound of this record. While at The Playroom, Mike Saunders and I spun in some African percussion from my old friend Simon Webster, who had recorded the parts at his studio in Morocco and sent us the files.

After 24th June, my attention then turned to the band's appearance (in its Bonsai version) at Love Supreme Festival on Sunday 7th July. This was Trees' third time at the festival, and we had a lovely time as usual. It was at the first Love Supreme Festival in 2013 that I performed early versions of 'El Pueblo Unido' and 'The Holy Well' with a proto version of Trees. The line up included drummer Dave Trigwell, pianist Joss Peach, trombonist Tarik Mecci, trumpeter Chris Coull and saxophonists Simon d'Souza, Paul Greenwood and Josie Peach. My idea was to create a 'composers' collective': a loose affiliation of players who also wrote music who would come together occasionally to workshop ideas and perform when the opportunity arose. The eventual result was Trees.

With my attention returned to the album, I am currently preparing the parts for the next recording sessions, which will be in August, and will add woodwind, voices and brass to the new tunes.