Out of the Woods (nearly)

The final recording sessions for ‘Into the Woods’ took place this week, with Milo Fell and Richard Horne adding the last bits of percussion to the tracks and Imogen Ryall contributing to the vocal mix on three tunes and adding a splendid shaker to ‘Sea and Sky’.

Mike Saunders and I edited a brass ‘comprovisation’ by Raul D’Oliveira, Martijn Van Galen, Mike Hext, Ellen Campbell and Peter Thompson to create a new piece called ‘Out of the Blue’. We also did some editing and mixing at the end of each day, but the real business of mixing and mastering the album as a whole is our next job.

As with all projects, it’s good to see the end in sight, but a little sad to think that the journey is over.

Mike Guest has finished work on a third video, and this track, a compositional collaboration between Mark Edwards and myself, will be released soon on Trees’s YouTube channel. The piece is called ‘S/Pulse’.