Trees are completing our second exciting recording. This will be released as individual tracks through our bandcamp page with the option to subscribe to the series to receive a CD copy when the full recording is complete. Into the Woods will comprise seven tunes, six written by Terry and one by flutist and long time Trees member Greg Maddocks. Tom Phelan has also contributed new material to several of the pieces. Into the Woods also links themes from one piece to the next, and to material from Heart of Oak and future work.In contrast to Heart Of Oak this is a studio recording that further demonstrates the versatility of this jazz orchestra. You can help us make this happen either by making a direct donation however small, using the PayPal link below or by purchasing individual tracks or subscribing to the whole series through our bandcamp page. Thanks for all your support.

If you want to know more about how we are recording Into The Woods, take a look at Terry’s blog.