"Trees comprises all the layers of a healthy and supportive jazz scene with a well-established history - from newbies, to work-shoppers, developing semi-pros to pros, with strong individual voices throughout.

Julian Nicholas (Loose Tubes, The Cloggz and artistic director of the South Coast Jazz Festival)


South Coast Jazz Festival 2018 Review

"An even bigger band took the stage on Sunday lunchtime in the shape of Terry Pack's Trees (below), a project that, in strictly Viz-style, he refers to as an 'unfeasibly large ensemble'. Numbering close to 30 players, mostly from the upper echelon of top-notch locals, the music came mainly from their recent CD/DVD, Heart of Oak. Rich, ambitious multi-layered arrangements inspired by the landscape, myths and spirit of the Sussex Downlands and coast, the material draws from the dense artiness of Maria Schneider's large ensemble works to the carnival cunning of Loose Tubes and Cloggz, with a rising massed vocal line that touches on the spiritual at times."

Jon Newey

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South Coast Jazz Festival 2018 Review

"Sustained harmonies and riffs alike were seamlessly exchanged between vocalists, brass, saxes and flutes. An arrangement of Eleanor Rigby was particularly charming. Led by Terry Pack and underpinned by his robust and sinuous bass lines, Trees remain unique and exciting."

Terry Walker

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susseX jazz magazine

Heart of Oak album review

"An ‘unfeasibly large ensemble ’ delivers a most feasibly fine album."

"Heart of Oak is the first album from this warm, inspiring and superbly evolving collective...... a rich, sumptuous and exciting layering of textures and compelling grooves."

Lou Beckerman

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Heart of Oak album review

"intricate, highly rhythmic, melodic music which can be enjoyed by a wide range of people"

"Categories can illuminate, but they can also mislead. Whether Heart of Oak is jazz, pop, jazz-rock or just jazzish isn’t the point. What matters is that it’s a superb, brilliantly conceived piece of music. I like Heart of Oak; I like it a lot."

Robin Kidson

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Interview with Terry Pack and Hilary Burt

"If there is nothing quite like the sound of a big band, then there is nothing quite the sound of Trees. Described as an 'unfeasibly large ensemble' and the brainchild ofbassist, Terry Pack, Trees is a big band that plays original compositions and arrangements by Terry and Hilary Burt by an assembled cast of players from in and around the Brighton area."

Nick Lea

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Heart of Oak album review

"This is an album that is abundant in the joy of making music,  chock-full of impeccable arrangements and wonderful solos, and it is unlikely that there will be another large ensemble or big band recording as good as this one this year. The music is impossible to fault and the accompanying DVD is a just as much a pleasure to watch and listen to."

Nick Lea

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Heart of Oak album review

"Terry Pack's Trees dear their sustenance from East Sussex's rolling downlands, and Brighton-centred jazz community."

"The Ryall-led female vocal's exotica is the most striking, Ellingtonian element of several long, ambitious arrangements which tend towards a soaring expansiveness, as if repeatedly scaling the local peak of Firle Beacon. They're too grounded, though, for transcendent flight"

Nick Hasted

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Heart of Oak album review

"The Trees project was created with the aim to include and develop as many musically-minded members of his community as possible. These combine forces and work together brilliantly to reflect the sights and sounds of the Sussex coast, as filtered through their leader’s febrile imagination."


Trees Live at Love Supreme Festival 2017

"Sunday dawned in bright sunlight to greet forty members of Terry Packs "unfeasibly large" Big Band Trees playing numbers from their very recently released debut album and dvd "Heart Of Oak". The band goes from strength to strength and was on top form in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd."

Jim Burlong at Jazz Views

JAZZ Views

Trees Live at Love Supreme Festival 2016

"Brighton bass man and composer Terry Pack is the leader and inventor of the great new contemporary big band Trees. His ethos is to write a part for any one who can play, from college students to established musicians. This forward thinking policy has led on some occasions to over forty players taking to the stage and it's surrounding areas. For the festival a population of thirty four were mostly crammed on the bandstand with trumpets and trombones making do on the grass in front. Although the leader provides most of the bands book, including an updated version of "El Pueblo Nuevo" lifted from his highly rated small group album "Palimpest" and now appearing to be the band's anthem, there are many writing contributions from other members. Lot's of things  set this band aside from and above others, none more so than the superb four person wordless vocal choir that add a dynamic addition to the overall sound. This group of trees certainly do deserve a preservation order as we expectantly await their first album."

Jim Burlong

Here's a link to the entire review including an overview of the festival by Julian Nicholas.


sussex jazz magazine

Trees Live at the Verdict October 2015

"From Eddie Myer’s solo bass opening of Terry’s composition El Pueblo Unido until the final gospel like chords of his arrangement of Amazing Grace this was an evening of intriguing and inspiring music that left us wanting more."

Full review by Patrick Billingham here