Trees at Love Supreme reviewed by Jazz Views.

Thanks to Jim Burlong and Jazz Views for this review of Trees at Love Supreme Festival in Sussex earlier this month:

"Brighton bass man and composer Terry Pack is the leader and inventor of the great new contemporary big band Trees. His ethos is to write a part for any one who can play, from college students to established musicians. This forward thinking policy has led on some occasions to over forty players taking to the stage and it's surrounding areas. For the festival a population of thirty four were mostly crammed on the bandstand with trumpets and trombones making do on the grass in front. Although the leader provides most of the bands book, including an updated version of "El Pueblo Nuevo" lifted from his highly rated small group album "Palimpest" and now appearing to be the band's anthem, there are many writing contributions from other members. Lot's of things  set this band aside from and above others, none more so than the superb four person wordless vocal choir that add a dynamic addition to the overall sound. This group of trees certainly do deserve a preservation order as we expectantly await their first album."

Here's a link to the entire review including an overview of the festival by Julian Nicholas.